• Transform your boat with Continuous Single Line Reefing

    Are you tired of having to go to the Mast to reef?

    With safety and ease of operation in the forefront of our agenda,
    we have installed Continuous Single Line Reefing on many boats in the
    last few years with fantastic results.

    Having made the reefing operation easier, simpler and quicker there is
    no mental or physical barrier to taking in, or shaking out a reef. Thus
    you are safe and assured that you will always have a suitable area of sail
    set and will not get caught out by that sudden vicious squall.

    As one of our clients discovered to their joy -
    "I was sailing back across the Celtic Sea in deteriorating weather. When
    the anticipated head gale came in I already had two slabs down. I prepared
    to haul down the deep third slab with the reef line ready, the kicker eased
    and the boom topped.

    I then noted the exact time, let fly the mainsheet, eased the halyard, hauled
    down the slab, tightened the halyard and sheeted in. Noted my watch; 58
    seconds had elapsed and "Holly" was sailing again.

    There only remained the topping lift to ease, the kicker to tighten and to tidy
    up the lines. How long would that have taken had I needed to scramble
    to the foot of the mast, with clipping on safety lines at every move, and
    struggle to haul down the reef?

    Need I say how very grateful I felt for the outcome of Chris's expertise and
    advice that morning?"

    Peter Poole, Yacht 'Holly', Nicholson 32, Birdham Pool.

    Many boats already have most of the gear to make this work - things just
    require a bit of reorganisation.

    Give us a call - we will assess what you have and what is required.
    Image courtesy of Z-Spars Uk Ltd.