• Project Management

    With our wealth of experience and numerous contacts we are able to offer a complete rigging service for your yacht, from repairs of the smallest items up to a full new Rig, you name it we can sort it. Where we do not have the technical knowledge, we can use our network of experienced marine professionals and we can co-ordinate any project you may have in mind.

    Our expert local business partners all have exceptionally good reputations for their work and include-

    John Bone
    - Boat building and carpentry

    Roger Upham Marine Electronics
    - Electricians

    C&B Marine
    - Welder and Fabricator

    Hyde Sails
    - Sails and Pack-A-Main's

    "After many years of re-rigging our previous boats, we had no hesitation in enrolling Holman Rigging when embarking on the three year, near total rebuild of “Blue Saluki.” The wealth of experience and good advice was matched by the very efficient service offered.

    From the selection of the type of wire terminals, size and position of winches down to the correct gauge for all the running rigging, the project ran faultlessly and always on time.

    The size of the project necessitated much liaising with both ourselves and the boatyard over positioning of deck ring, chain plates and mast step, and in the end it came together perfectly.

    I can certainly speak for us both when I say that whenever we are out in heavy weather (and she is a boat that revels in a blow.) We both have absolute confidence in the rig and in the seven years since we launched, and with many sea miles, it has given us no reason to doubt its integrity – well done and thank you Chris Holman."

    Charles Hurst of 'Blue Saluki' Chichester Harbour.
    Image shows 'Blue Saluki' under Sail off Hayling Island